Freelancers are not getting 2.5% incentives anymore from November 2022 – Wise to Bangladesh

Banks stopped sending incentives to freelancer who uses Wise formally know as Transferwise to send remittance to Bangladesh – Wise to Bangladesh

I’m writing this so that you don’t get worried like me seeing suddenly you stopped getting incentives for your remittances.

Transferwise, now known as Wise has become very important part of the Freelancers life in Bangladesh. Previously before October 2022, we have got incentives for each remittance we have sent through Wise to any Bangladeshi bank account.

Suddenly after economical crisis started according to different news in Bangladesh, from November, MTB (Mutual Trust Bank) stopped giving incentives to Freelancers.

From many Wise community groups in Facebook, we see, users reported that they were getting incentives before November 1, 2022. After that, without any notice the Banks stopped giving incentives.

And even now banks are giving them indication that they will take all the incentives they have given previously. Even they are saying that they have given those incentives by mistake. How funny! Ha ha ha. Ridiculous system.

We see many comments about this on social media. However I personally consulted with Banks.

Eastern Bank LTD said me the same above. Wise has partnership with MTB and MTB is not giving any incentives to the Freelancer anymore.

So then, I went to MTB and opened an account. After that I asked them about the incentives. And they said the same. That we freelancers can not get incentives. Ha ha ha.

Very good. Even they said that Bangladesh bank didn’t say them to pay incentives to Freelancer.

So now my question is, how were they paying for last few years, year after year? Lol..

Anyway, I see a clear fraudulent activity here. They are using Bangladesh Bank’s lacking of declaration about Freelancers incentives to benefit themselves. Really stressful!!!

And also, I came to know from banks that there is a chance of their reclaiming the incentives they have given on the past years.

Now I wonder, why did I pay 1500 BDT approximately for Freelancer ID card yearly? What is the use of it? Where are my incentives?

ICT ministry said (if I am not wrong) they will give 10% incentives to freelancers. And now they are not willing to pay 2.5% incentives only. Ha ha..very sad.

Let me know your thought.