Fivesquid is shut down | Alternative to Fivesquid

Fivesquid has been one of the best marketplaces I’ve used as a freelancer, it’s along similar lines as Fiverr. Some of you may have heard about it or probably even used it at some point.

But from on August 18, 2022, Fivesquid emailed its users about closing Fiversquid. Terry Koutsios, the managing director of Fivesquid said that they were extreme regret that they wrote to advise that I have decided to shut down the website and close the associated company. They said that the business could no longer continue to trade due to ongoing trading losses. 

The company no longer has employees and, as such, he was unable to deal with any general inquiries. The company has no funds or assets, and there is therefore no possibility of a return to any class of creditor of the company.

The website was likely to be taken down imminently, within 48 hours, and an application for dissolution of the company would be submitted in due course. 

He said he would like to take this opportunity to thank all for their continued custom over the years.

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