How to import export mobile messages – Reviewing SMS Backup & Restore App

Let me tell you a story first of mine. Once, I told Taifa, “hey remember, you said this, that etc, see the message’s screenshot”. Taifa said, ” wow, how did you get that old message? You have changed your phone almost 1 year ago”.

In 2021 my mother gifted me a Xaomi Redmi Note 10 mobile. Before that I was using the Oppo A3S mobile phone. So here the use of SMS backup & restore app began.

What is the SMS backup & restore app?

The SMS backup & restore app is an app that can help you to export import all messages on your mobile phone. So when I have got my new Redmi mobile, I used this app to copy all of my messages from my Oppo mobile.

Today I will share this experience with you all. You can contact me, or reply to this post by messaging me of my Facebook page. I have disabled the comment section of this blog due to huge amount of spam comments. Next time, I will share information about blocking comments on WordPress website too.

Where to get the SMS backup & restore app?

You can get the SMS backup & restore app on Google play store. Also, I have the APK file of this app. If this is no more available on Google play store in future, you can get the APK from me by simply sending me message by the above mentioned way.

Is this import export messages app good?

Yes, according to my experience, it is amazing. You should try it. And you can also read other’s reviews. See my review:

SMS backup & restore app review

How to use SMS backup & restore app?

SMS backup & restore app in Google play store
  1. First, you have to install the app from the play store. And then open the app and give them permission to read your messages, contacts etc.
You will see this screen first when you open the app.

2. Now click on the Set Up A Backup button.

You will see messages and call history available for backup.

3. Click on messages, call logs too if you need them.

Location selection interface for this export of the messages.

4. Click on Your Phone and configure.

Configure SMS export location.

5. Create your own folder for the export and select that folder.

Folder selection or creation interface on Android.
I created my folder for backup/ export.

6. Click yes for local backup only.

Local backup warning.

7. Now disable schedule backups.

Schedule backup options

8. Now you see the option to start backup. Click on it and it will start exporting message on your folder.

Option to start backup.
Messages exporting started.

9.You will see the backup created.

Exported messages/ backups

10. Now upload the backup to your Google drive, and download the file from Google drive to your new phone. Or copy the backup somehow to your new phone, ex: copy using a PC.

11. In the new phone, install the app. And open it. And then click on Restore option.

Restore option in the menu.

12. Select the local backup location and show in which folder your backup is available.

Backup location selection interface.
Select Local Folder.
My file was in download folder.

13. Now select the backup xml file and proceed.

Selecting the xml file for restoring messages.

14. Now click on what you want to restore. And click on Restore button.

What would you like to restore window.

15. Click Ok. And then click Change. And message restoration will start smoothly. You may not see this if you use the default messaging app. I use Google Messaging App.

Warning about changing messaging app.
Click Change.

16. Now messages restoration will be completed automatically. It will take time depending on your phone configuration and also amount of messages.

Messages restoration started
messages restoration completed.

Now let’s have a look if SMS restoration app works or not:

Before restoration.
After restoration.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Have a nice day.