Is etoro scam?

Is the stock exchange or crypto exchange etoro scam?

Hello my friends, welcome to my blog. I was trying to trade on etoro to buy Tesla stock from Bangladesh. But when I tried to deposit money, I was not able to do it with my Bangladeshi debit card. Ok, that’s fine because Bangladesh blocks many other services like etoro, binance etc.

I was searching for some other way to deposit money. Luckily I have PayPal account. I use that PayPal account with my uncle’s phone number and other details who lives in Canada.

I was about to deposit money but I was thinking how can I withdraw the money back when I need it. And then I started to search on Google if etoro is safe. On etoro’s website I see it is safe, they claim it is safe and they are regulated by authorities of different countries. I also checked the ABN number in Australia’s ABN website. It is real.

But when I went to the social media I see many people are having issues while withdrawing their funds and etoro is not helping them. They are blocking the transfer.

etoro withdraw scam

Also when I was reading an article on eToro website, I found something strange. They mentioned that the people who want to withdraw money on PayPal, must deposit money from PayPal. I am feeling unsafe.

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