The News That Musk’s Starlink internet taking preorders for Bangladesh Is Worthless

Bangladeshi Payment Systems Won’t Let You Pre Order Elon Musk’s Starlink internet

Hello everyone, welcome to another hot topic, latest news. Today we came to know that Starlink Internet has started taking pre orders from Bangladesh. The Daily Star reported that Musk’s Starlink internet taking preorders for Bangladesh.

When I came across this news, I tried to preorder one. Because the Starlink is a next level internet solution. And Elon Musk is a genius.

Now I am going show you where I tried to preorder and what happened with me.

Payment declined for Preorder Starlink Internet from Bangladesh

First I went to the Starlink website. And then I typed my address on the website. And it was showing me that Starlink will expand on 2023 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Starlink says it will start in Bangladesh in 2023

Then I filled up my information, and my debit cards, credit card details. But all payment methods were declined.

All payment methods were declined from Bangladesh

There is no hope for Starlink to come in Bangladesh

I personally don’t think Starlink will come to Bangladesh. Because first of all, people can’t preorder from Bangladesh. And secondly Bangladesh will not allow Starlink to operate here. This is my personal thinking. I think internet providers here will protest against Starlink as there business can go down due to Starlink.

Is the price to high?

No, I think the price $99 for high speed internet will be reasonable for many people in Bangladesh. Specially who run Digital Marketing agencies. But Bangladesh will not allow Starlink to operate.

Let’s see what happens next. Comment your thought. Thanks for reading.

I will upload a video on YouTube soon describing all these. And I hope we will be able to perorder Starlink soon.