WordPress Bug Fixing – iframe not loading when live

I don’t know why, but the embeds were working fine on my websites. Suddenly, I noticed that the embeds only show in the WordPress customization mode (on the visual part).

To give more clearity about the problem, I give one more example here:

Someone on Squarespace wrote:

I launched a newly designed site using the Mojave template just last month and all iframe embedded coding was functional on the live site. For some reason today it works in my editing window but not in the live view. Is anyone having this issue? No changes to coding has been made. Wondering if it is perhaps a browser issue but I don’t know how to repair it. The code is this and I’ve confirmed no changes to the account holder/client’s idxhome account so the link inside the iframe is still operable. Also in editing mode I can see the results just fine but in live mode it’s just blank. The website is markdelgado.com (I have iframe at the bottom of the home page and in a feature listings page accessible from the Buy Now page. Here is the code. Grateful for any insight!

Same here, when I save the changes and close the customizer, the iframe embeds don’t show up.

After searching on Google, I found a solution. The solution is the Iframe Plugin, which can be found here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/iframe/

After enabling this plugin on your website, you just need to change the codes like this:

For example, if your iframe code is <iframe ...........................> </iframe>, you have to change it to [iframe ...........................].

So what you are doing here is changing < with [ and removing the </iframe>.

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