Advertise on Meta i.e. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp with cost effective AIDA or AFCPL formula

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With this order, you can hire me to place ads on Meta platform.

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I have a marketing agency and I am placing ads on Facebook, and Instagram for many years. I have spent thousands of dollars on testing ads and placing successful ads campaigns.

I apply AIDA or AFCPL marketing formula. Also, I know about the Facebook algorithm ‘TV’ very well.

Total Value (TV)= BID (Ad budget) + Estimated Action Ratio (EAQ) + Ad Quality (AQ).

The higher your ad’s TV is, the more chances are your ad showing to the right person’s FB newsfeed. And so I focus more on EAQ and AQ first to reach your target.

Why should you buy this service?

  • If you have a business and you want to place ads on social media.
  • If you are already placing advertisements but not getting good results.

What will you get from me?

  • FB business setup
  • Ad account setup
  • Campaign setup for your business on Facebook
  • Targeted audience research on FB business
  • Pixel setup
  • Retargeting ads setup
  • Video retargeting advertisements
  • Ads management
  • Ad copy
  • A/B test
  • etc.

Note: The buyer has to pay the advertising cost. I can guarantee reach/impressions, but I can’t guarantee sales.

Thank you.

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